Neko Hime! \(´ v `)/
Hi! Welcome to my Tumblr!

Nothing interesting here.. just some drawings Orzlll


what a weird piano


Momo said he was going to swim seriously, and he's super fast!!

The first stages of becoming a Fujoshi: Denial

My lizard baby! I miss Yowapeda so much…  _( ´ ཀ ` 」∠)_

.BabyDoll Rockstar. for xxSaChan!! Happy birthday, dear! Have a fantastic day! ^ w ^

.Pixel - Cake for Chiye. by lNeko-Hime

Happy Birthday Hya-chan! <33



Puppies with pacifiers



These sketches are for a friend ~

The first and the second are her OCs

The third and the fourth are supposed to be characters she likes 8’)

They’re Makoto (Free!) and Clear (DMMd) btw LOL cries

Those random things (Pandas and Bunny) are to cover the drawings next to the sketches BJDFB 

AMG LOOK AT ALL THOSE CUTIES! *heart attack* I love your style so much ; - ; aSdFGhjKlçkjhgf

Thank you very much, Tsu! It made my day! *Q* //letmehugyouu

Esses coelhinhos e pandas são fofos (๑・ω-)~♥”